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Natural Bowel Cleansing Made Simple

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There are many reasons to choose natural bowel cleansing, including health-related issues, such as constipation, bloating of the stomach and abdomen, as well as gas or just feeling sluggish. While there are many types of products on the market to quickly help you achieve this, there are also more natural ways to accomplish the same thing, flushing all of that toxic waste out of the body. Once you eliminate that harmful waste out of the body you will see that you can also lose extra pounds of fat from your belly.

The ancient Egyptians believed that food rots and sticks to the tissues of the intestines, causing a toxic buildup of waste products that could then affect the entire body. This was called “auto-intoxication,” and the concept of cleansing the bowels was further expanded on and used widely by the ancient Greeks.

Probably the most important is to drink a lot of water, not only to hydrate the body, but water plays a vital role in softening the waste products and aiding in evacuation. This process can take several days to dislodge the initial blockage, especially if you routinely do not drink much water, but keeping up the water intake will eventually make going to the bathroom easier all the way around. It can also help protect your kidneys, so drink up!

A healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is very important to maintaining healthy bowel functions, as well. Avoiding heavy, fried and overly processed food can help keep everything moving smoothly through the intestines. Your body needs a minimum of 20+ grams of fiber daily, and most people don’t consume that much. Whole grains, cereals, bran, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits like apples can greatly increase your daily fiber intake without a lot of effort on your part, and this enables you to avoid artificial powders or other ingredients introduced into the body.

For quicker results, enemas or laxatives can be used, but should be used with caution. Cramping can occur and be very uncomfortable when the bowels are forced to move quickly. Some of these ingredients include Calcium Polycarbophil, which is bulk-forming, meaning that is adds bulk to the stool by absorbing water. Psyllium is another popular ingredient in these types of products. Bulk-forming laxatives can be beneficial to try if other methods are not working.

You can also go to a colonic therapist, whose treatments can involve a water enema and possible abdominal massage to help move the bowels. The water can be at differing pressures or temperatures, and may or may not include other ingredients to assist in the evacuation. Ask exactly what a particular therapist will be doing and using prior to starting, so you are comfortable with what will happen, and if there are any potential side effects. This is important to ensure you don’t have an allergy to something that may be included in the water enema.

Some practitioners of colon cleansing recommend adding probiotics into the diet to help replenish the healthy flora that should be present in the stomach to aid in proper digestion. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are beneficial to the body, and are easily found in certain types of yogurt or other supplements.

So, if you decide to give natural bowel cleansing a try, there are several ways to accomplish this, with minimal cost and inconvenience.

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