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Scientifically Tested Vaccination For Immunization?

It seems that a storm is gathering in today’s brave new world. It seems that we’re being forces to take a stand against a new threat – the attack our children’s blood. This isn’t simply a figure of speech. Every year new vaccines are being invented with the hope of having them added to the mandated immunization schedule. There’s big money involved here. There are already 68 vaccines that children are mandated to receive prior to their eighteen birthday. Even though immunization is routine in this country, the overall health of children and the infant mortality rate is horrible. Additionally, degenerative and infectious diseases are skyrocketing among Americans.

Declining health among school children is obvious. Ritalin, Prozac, antidepressants, and inhalers are rampant in our schools. Despite the highest intake of antibiotics and vaccines of any group of children in history, our kids are fatter, sicker, and dumber than ever before.

OPTING OUT. A growing number of medical researchers and doctors disagree with the 68 vaccinations that children are required to get. Many parents are opting out by signing exemption forms. They’re drawing the line. They’re saying, if nothing else is sacred in this world, at least the blood of our children should not be subject to the whims of politics and big money. The sanctity of human blood. That bloodstream should only be violated in life-threatening situations. And never with anything experimental or unproven or dangerous.

The majority of everything written on the subject insists that these vaccines are effective, safe, and necessary. We have been told for years that modern civilization has been protected from the terrible ravages of disease by these miraculous vaccines. We have been conditioned to believe that children must get the recommended immunization against diseases, old and new.

The defense of our children’s bloodstreams ultimately lies with parents. Now that readers are aware of how immunization decisions are made and vaccinations are mandated, can we really expect legislators that are controlled by big money lobbyists to protect our children’s blood? Will they make the right decisions about injecting the most sensitive and delicate of mediums, the human circulatory system?

Protection must begin with information – reliable information, not more propaganda. Regarding vaccines, we have to learn about their ingredients, the culture media, testing, politics and the economics that are involved as well as the physiology and anatomy of infants. The information must be provided someone other than those that are selling the vaccines.

Don’t think of this as an anti vaccine plea. This plea favors any vaccines that have been thoroughly tested and found to be 100% safe and effective. An insurance company, vaccine, or drug cannot deliver good health. A healthy baby doesn’t need any outside assistance such as tampering with their blood. The complex mysteries of good health lie within the human body, not in medical books or writs of law.

Uncontaminated blood should be considered as a sacred commodity. We will eventually arrive to a place of profound gratitude when we appreciate the oneness, nobility, and identity of an inviolate bloodstream.

The process by which a person’s immune system becomes fortified against an immunogen is called immunization. There are tons of reports that a scientifically tested vaccine is already available for the people’s immunization.

Updates and Prediction on Swine Flu Immunization Schedule

Even though the panic over H1N1 is at a fever pitch, and the immunization is ready, it would be safe to say that by the summer of 2010 the swine flu issue will have already faded to vaccine memorabilia. Policymakers have discerned that this kind of illusion has a finite shelf life, mainly because of the constant decline of the attention span of the country’s population.

Take a moment to think about the commotion that has taken place in recent years because of the Avian flu, SARS, anthrax, and smallpox. The urgency lasts long enough for the vaccine and drug funds to be allocated and the immunization schedule set up. Once immunization of the public has begun the flames start to die down because it takes a great deal of effort and money for a media campaign for a disease that never existed.

If people were to be paying moderate attention to the emergencies that appear on a regular basis they would become desensitized to the urgency of these situations. They forget that we all survived the last scare and will very likely survive the current one as well.

LICENSED and UNTESTED. This is where the clear and present danger lies in the current swine flu vaccine program and immunization schedule. The swine flu vaccine is being presented for dissemination among the public and beginning with children. Five of the manufacturers started doing their clinical trials in August of 2009. None of these vaccines are expected to be completed before next spring. This is a shocking lesson on the politics of vaccines. How could the FDA approve the untested H1N1 immunization just one month after testing began, on September 15, 2009?

The exact same sequence of events led to the swine flu fiasco that took place in 1976. 50 million received the immunization with the untested vaccine. This vaccine was responsible for 21 deaths and 565 paralyzed before being withdrawn just ten weeks later. Another vaccine was never added to the immunization schedule for swine flu. Why wasn’t another vaccine released? If the threat of swine flu was urgent enough to start vaccinating the public before testing was complete, what happened to the huge threat? Why was the toxic vaccine withdrawn and not replaced with one that had been researched and tested?

It’s becoming incredibly clear that the natural selection will be in favor the lines of the parents who are willing take extra precautions to protect the immunity of their children. Who else will come forward? The FDA, who doesn’t do any testing before making a decision regarding the immunization schedule, but relies completely on the research that the vaccine manufacturers have submitted to them; the same companies that stand to make billions if the vaccine is approved?

Will it be the manufacturers of these vaccines, the ones who’ve been given 100% immunity from any liability if deaths or injuries occur? Will it be the HHS, CDC, or the NIH? These organizations have political connections to the manufacturer of the vaccine and want to me sure the immunization is given to the public.

This is exactly what causes urgency, the hyperbole and misdirection. They realize that they won’t have time to fully test a vaccine because this takes about a year. By the time they have fully tested a vaccine, the imaginary disease will have disappeared, without hope of resurrection. Immunization is a here and now market. If a vaccine isn’t quickly added to the recommended immunization schedule, the media, regulators, manufacturers, and clinics won’t receive their reward.

Swine flu immunization is highly recommended to be done through your family doctor. Ask doctor about the immunization schedule, which may happen summer of 2010.

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