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A Formula To Stop Excessive Sweating

If you wish to find out how to stop excessive sweating, you cannot overlook giving this remedy a try! Centuries ago, Pope Felix IV suffered from a health problem which brought about excessive and nonstop sweating. Vatican doctors have been stymied for some time, until one doctor made an herbal formula that brought the Pope relief from the excessive sweating as well as fixed his illness!

Here’s the ancient formula for the celebrated tea:
– Boil two cups of water,
– Add a ‘handful’ of sage leaves and 1/2 handful of rosemary to the container,
– Cover and simmer just 3 minutes,
– Take the cover of the pot and put a half handful of boneset,
– Cover the pot once again and let it to steep until the tea is cold.
– Strain the tea and drink two cups every 4-6 hours.

Keep on drinking until your excessive sweating is cured. More ways in treating excessive sweating in this online Beauty Magazine at