Colopure Review

With my nutritionist’s advice, I recently tried Colopure as a solution to a number of health concerns. First off, I was overweight by 22 pounds and it had been tough trying to shed off the extra weight. And then, I seemed bloated and gassy at all times. I had no idea what was causing all these discomforts. I did know that it started around the time I had my second baby.

I thought for sure that the problem was related to some type of hormonal issue. But, I asked many of my friends who also had children. Many of them looked great, but there were a couple of friends who also had a similar experience as me, overweight and bloated. One friend suggested that I go see a doctor or nutritionist to help me with my diet.

When I had my appointment with a nutritionist, she scrutinized my daily diet and physical activities. In truth, my exercise routine leaves much to be desired. But I thought my diet was all right. And then she inquired if I had ever considered Colopure. I said no.

While a good diet and a great workout routine are crucial factors to good health, my nutritionist explained that this is only 50% of the solution. She made me understand that years of eating processed foods results to a clogged up system. The natural elimination of “toxic waste” in my body, and colon to be exact, has been impaired with the clogging! That being so, I would need Colopure to get rid of the trapped waste in my body. This would consequently shed off the extra pounds and eliminate the discomfort of a bloated and gassy stomach.

I have to confess that I had not been exercising as I should. My friends had insistently urged me to start working out. I kept putting it off until it came to a point that I started feeling awfully unwell. And I had lost my interest in going out. To top that, my family and friends noticed that I had become grumpier and ill-humored each day. I didn’t think they like being around me at all. I just felt terrible!

And then, I came to a decision to help myself. It wasn’t easy, I tell you. I cut back, if not entirely avoided, processed foods. And following my nutritionist’s recommendation, I tried Colopure. It sure doesn’t hurt to try. And it was a good thing that I did, because merely a couple of weeks had passed and I started to feel a difference. I started to feel great. I felt revitalized! I did not lose more than a couple of pounds, but it seemed that I felt lighter simply because my gut felt a lot better. Getting results as immediate as this pushed me to continue with Colopure.

In 2 weeks, I felt so vitalized that I eagerly started an exercise routine. In 2 months, I’ve successfully tossed out 12 pounds! An immense sense of achievement. Truly an impressive solution, but without the exercise, it limits the amount and rate that Colopure can be as effective.

Try Colopure, as well as commit to the other 50% of the formula – a healthy diet and exercise.