End Leaky Gut Syndrome

Processed foods have been a regular staple to the typical American diet. Years of consumption have led to an alarming outbreak of the Leaky Gut Syndrome in the United States at present. This is an end result of a series of events – an accumulation of indigestible assortment of processed food in the digestive tract. Processed food does not have the enzymes necessary for digestion and metabolism. The consequence is a buildup throughout the alimentary canal.

The colon gets the major hit of the Leaky Gut Syndrome. The colon, located at the end of the large intestine, is responsible for the following crucial functions:

  • to store wastes prior to elimination
  • to reabsorb as much water as possible so the body doesn’t dehydrate
  • to reabsorb electrolytes as well so the body isn’t constantly eliminating nutrient minerals

To accomplish this resorption, the normal colon wall is perforated with countless tiny holes that allow water and mineral re-uptake into the blood. This is the best way to prevent dehydration and electrolyte loss.

An unhealthy colon will have obstructed openings. Widespread in a majority of adult Americans, unhealthy consumption of processed foods has led to layers of sludge on the colon wall. The tiny holes on the colon wall cannot stay open or close accordingly. Holes locked open result to a leaking of waste from the undigested unmetabolizable processed foods into the general blood circulation. The waste can no longer be digested once allowed entry in the blood. It begins to invade tissue and cause inflammation to the organ or tissue it resides in. Organ or tissue dysfunction is an eventual outcome of this condition.

An end result of a series of events called the Leaky Gut Syndrome or hyperpermeability as referred to by medical practitioners. The colon is commonly called Leaky; hence the condition is brought about in the dysfunction of the colon wall. The colon wall, which has holes that are stuck open, fails to hinder waste from gaining entry into the bloodstream. The leaky gut allows passage of waste content along with water and electrolytes.

The solution: clear the colon of the sludge layers of undigested foods. The most practical way is accomplish this is through safe holistic herbal blends which contain no corrosives and no laxatives. Once the layers of undigested debris are eliminated form the colon, the pores become freed up and can heal. Then they will unlock and be able to open when they should open and close when they should close. The colon eliminates what it should and keeps what it should. No more leaky gut, no more bringing allergenic debris into the general blood circulation.

To maintain a healthy colon, get the facts about Leaky Gut Syndrome. Straight and simple.

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