Enzyme Nutrition – The Key to Longevity

Enzymes, by definition are long chain proteins. These enzymes are very specifically formed and held together by hydrogen bonds. Like a ball of string with very small strips of Velcro. If the Velcro bond is broken – the enzymes loose their shape. With no shape the key will not fit the lock. At this point the enzyme is no longer an enzyme, but just another foreign protein.

What do foreign proteins cause in our body? Right – inflammation. Immune response. And that’s exactly the meaning of auto-immune. The body now attacks itself because it senses there’s an alien on board. Self confronted with not-self.

The enzyme collapses if the bonds are broken and the enzyme can no longer do the job it was intended to do. This collapse of an enzyme is referred to as denatured. There are several reasons for an enzyme to become denatured. Drugs, fluoride, alcohol, food processing, free radicals, irradiation, canning and heating above 118F – cooking.

Virtually all processed foods contain abundance of denatured, allergenic enzymes. The majority of allergy today can be traced directly to processed food intoxication. Food allergy.

What destroys milk is civilization: killing the enzymes by heat, adding antibiotics and hormones to the cows’ diet, keeping the cows in a mineral deficient environment, and artificially preparing it for long periods of storage. (Price)

A conditioned response: Almost all of us are aware of what a good diet is. However, we are constantly bombarded with commercials with images of fast foods, all kinds of sweets, hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, ice cream, chips and more. And when we get hungry, which happens several times a day, we turn to those foods, unable to resist their lure. Not only do these foods contain little or no nutrients they are of no benefit nutritionally to our bodies. The reason is simple. They contain no enzymes. The enzymes have been destroyed during the processing of the food. Leaving the enzymes in our bodies with the burden of trying to digest the food. Foods are only partially broken down or not at all. The food has become so foreign to our bodies because of the processing, addition of so many preservatives and chemicals. Relatively processing of food is new to humans and our bodies are stressed with the inability to metabolize them. To help our bodies better digest these foods a protein enzyme supplement is recommended.

Natural raw foods have an abundance of nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes. While the description of process foods is devitalized. No nutrition to speak of and these foods are made to last a long time on the shelf and their nutritional value to humans is negative.

Garbage In: What does happen to all that undigested food? And where does it go? Well, it does go into your system, but never comes out. According to the FDA at age 35, on the average, a person harbors between 4 to 22 pounds of undigested food in their intestines alone.

This rotting debris in the intestines doesn’t stay there. It may make its way into the bloodstream and can be deposited in any part of the body. This can cause inflammation in any part of the body where it becomes lodged.

Enzyme nutrition requires you to eat enzyme-rich raw foods. With enzyme nutrition, you can insure preventing and treating disease and promoting health and longevity.

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