Home Detox Side Effects

I’ve tried a number of different home detox solutions. The reason I did is because I’ve suffered from a number of health problems. My health problems ranged from yeast infection to bloating and even nausea. A friend of mine suggested that I try a home detox solution. So, I went down to the local healthy co-op and bought one off the shelf. But, before you try one, let me tell you some of the side effects that may result.

Home detox side effects range depending on the solution that you choose to try. Some of them are based on organic foods. These foods help you to detoxify your body with natural foods. The beauty of this solution is that it’s organic and it will help you release the built up toxins. Then, there are also solutions that only allow you to drink water and juice. They’re basically fasting solutions. If you go the liquid route there could be a number of additional side effects, since our bodies are used to consuming solids.

One of the oddest side effects of a home detox solution is malaise. It seems odd because many people do this routine in order to cleanse their system of fatigue. But, it is true that during your home detox you will experience a little drowsiness, only to be rewarded with much more energy, once the detoxification has been completed. This is especially true for a liquid type of fasting, primarily because of the lack of nutrients in the liquids.

You might also experience some headaches as a side effect of home detox solutions. The biggest reason for that is because your body is withdrawing from some of the toxic buildup from the foods that you’ve been ingesting. Many people used to suffer withdrawals from alcohol and coffee. This is a similar type of side effect that you might experience from stopping coffee drinking. The good news, though, is that once eliminated from your body, you will not need to worry about it again.

Urinating could be an issue, especially if your home detox program is based on fruits, vegetables and liquids. Therefore going to the bathroom frequently is to be expected.

Along with a home detox program tied to liquids is likely an increase in bowel movements. In the short term, it could very well be in the form of diarrhea. But, don’t think this is bad thing. You should not be embarrassed in the least. It’s natural that your body gets rid of toxins in this way. You are better off going frequently during this detox period, because you’ll know that it’s working.

Finally, you might experience some slight nausea from a home detox program. Everybody is slightly different in how they handle the situation. Nausea is not always common and if you do experience this, it should not be traumatic.

These are just examples of side effects of a home detox program. Just make sure to do it a little a time. Don’t go overboard with multiple detox solutions all at one time.

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