The Difference Between a Colon Cleanse and Home Detox

Your body is an amazing storage system. It can store a lot of excess waste and toxins. In fact, as much as an extra 20 pounds can be accumulated. However, most of us don’t have that much excess stored in our bodies. But, even just a couple of pounds extra is too much. The question then is how do we get rid of these extra toxins and waste. Two of the most popular methods is to use a colon cleanse or a home detox for the body.

They are both similar in the fact that they get rid of the bad stuff in your body. But, there are also some differences. With a colon cleanse you’re eliminating the toxins primarily from your colon. With a home detox for the body, you target the whole body.

Which one is the correct one for your situation? It really depends on the results that you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking to get rid of the excess weight and pounds then you should go with the colon cleanse/

Everybody shudders when they thing of all the waste in their bodies. Of course, it’s not something that has accumulated overnight. It’s been growing for many years. But, getting rid of the waste is not the only reason to go through a cleanse. Included in some of the benefits are more energy, better skin and some people even say it makes them feel better. If these reasons are important to you then you might consider a home detox program for your whole body.

Colon cleanses also come in many different options. For example, flushing your colon out with a saltwater solution is one option. That is a low-cost colon cleanse solution. More expensive options include pills and drinks. The drinks tend to work faster than the pills, but can cost a lot of money per serving.

Home detox products for the whole body are generally a bit cheaper than the colon cleanse solutions. A lot of people choose water and juice fasting or even the Master Cleanse even though there are lot of off-the-shelf store products. The Master Cleanse of these three is the most expensive because there are a number of ingredients to purchase. And, don’t forget they target the whole body, including your colon.

Colon cleanses typically are faster working because they work on a specific part of your body. In fact, the liquid version works very fast, generally in an hour. So, make sure you are near a bathroom when you start. Pills will take longer and can work over a period of days.

What method should you use? It really depends on whether you want to target a specific part of your body or flush out your whole system. Either way, they are good for your health.

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