Ultra Cleanse Review

An ultra cleanse for my colon is something I had never thought of trying in my life. You see, a year ago I was 30 pounds overweight, depressed and just generally miserable with my life. I had tried so many different methods to lose weight, but I didn’t realize that one of my biggest problems was my diet. I’m not talking about the basic carbs versus protein stuff that people tell you about. But, also the other foods that were going into my body and not being excreted.

I was always constipated, not feeling well and feeling bloated all the time. I couldn’t believe I was keeping all that “sludge” inside my body, the toxic stuff I was taking and and just got stuck inside. Honestly, I’ve spent half of my life not knowing these facts.

Finally, a practically good idea came to my mind. I decided to get some real answers, so I consulted a doctor. The doctor advised me to eat healthy and regularly exercise, so I did. But I couldn’t live up to it. I find it hard to keep going, I was too busy with my work and family and i just didn’t have enough energy to go to the gym and step up to that treadmill. I told my doctor about this, and was advised to try an ultimate colon cleanse. Ultimate colon what?

So I asked a bit of explanation from the doctor, here it is. Ultimate colon cleanse is the process of taking all the toxins off one’s colon. Since the colon is responsible for keeping waste, there are some toxic and undigested food that stay there and fail to leave the system. Which is usually the case for highly refined foods. With ultra cleanse, the colon pores will open up and allow the toxic stuff to come out.

It took time for me to fully understand and abide to the instructions of my doctor. In fact, I came to visit my doctor again to complain about my headache and constipation that has gotten worse. It was the time when I don’t feel like going out and spend time with my family and friends anymore.

One day I ran into a college friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in 10 years. She looked great! So, I asked her how she stayed looking so well. And, she told me about her experience with weight and how she decided to try an ultra cleanse for her colon. That story just about floored me!

My friend’s story has actually motivated me to finally follow my doctor’s advise. I started the ultra cleanse trial for two weeks and I surely did feel better after. I had lost about 16 pounds after a couple of months. It’s not about plainly taking pills though. In order to really lose weight and feel better, exercising is important. Ultra cleanse has helped me to feel good about myself again.

Ultra Cleanse is a formula that can actually cleanse your colon. It is perfected to flush out toxic stuff and waste that are stuck in your body.